At Summit Seekers we take pride in our foundations “Impacting one life at a time “and“hiking for a cause”: where the first one includes guiding you to take every step forward to grow in all areas of your life: we journey with you from beginner level hikes to moderate and eventually to the most challenging hikes. On the latter we not only partner with authorities to give back to mother nature by tree planting projects but also support the less fortunate and physically challenged in our society.


We have 4 tree planting initiatives.

1. Tree planting in Kenya’s water towers using the three Rs fundamentals
Right Type of Tree
Right Location of planting the tree
Right Time
2. We plant trees everywhere we hike either through seedlings or seedballs
3. One Saturday a month we visit a school in different parts of Kenya and plant trees with all the students and staff of the school. ( Conservation Education is key to conserving mother nature)
4. A global tree planting drive; ” A tree of trees” Planting one tree per person anywhere in the world and tagging others to plant too.

“He who plants a tree, plants hope”



  • Every 3 months Summit Seekers visits a children’s home to put smiles on their faces by providing them with essentials.
  • Wherever Summit Seekers goes hiking we empower the locals by educating them on how their community may benefit from their natural resources. (Most have become guides through our community education program)
  • Summit Seekers also provides an opportunity to students of environment and conservation to come learn outdoor skills and management.

7 Main Reasons to hike with us

  1.  SAFETY We are very particular and concerned about your safety. Armed guards (where necessary) are used; a guide to hiker ratio is maintained, communication devices are availed, evacuation procedures are in place, WFR and WFA certified First Aiders’ are always available on the ground, A reputable team doctor is on call.
  2. Summit Seekers always goes a step further to ensure you get to see the most beautiful places on your hikes….spectacular breathtaking sceneries is your right when you hike.
  3.   High success/summit rate on the big mountains, the reason for this is that we prepare you both mentally and physically for your big climbs; We not only have preparatory hikes but also an effective fitness workout program to ensure success.
  4. Hiking and the outdoors is all about having fun and making memories….summit has dedicated itself to providing one waterfall hike every month….which equals to fun fun and more fun
  5. We go out hiking to challenge ourselves, improve our lives, have fun, see beautiful places and meet people. Summit Seekers ensure you hike for a little bit more…..a purpose, a reason, a cause.  Lets Impact Lives and our Environment positively.
  6. Summit Seekers gives you an opportunity to plan and customize your hikes whether alone or with your friends with a variety of climbs and itineraries.
  7.  A well experienced and dedicated team leader. He has climbed many mountains ‘alone’ ….why?
    He states:
    “If I cannot take myself up…how can I take you?
    If I cannot motivate myself…how will I motivate you?
    If I cannot look after myself…..how can I look after you?” Harun Makwana.